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Everest Mountain flight in Nepal cost $180 usd

One hour mountain flight from Kathmandu begining early in the morning. It cost $205 usd per person. however we give you high discount. we have diffrent airlines mountain flight flight. Simrik Air Mountain flight, Yeti Air mountain flight, Surya Air mountain flight, Buddhar Air mountian flight. we give you highly discount price just $180 usd per person for the all Everst mountain flight in Nepal. Lets Explore Nepal himalaya within 60 minutes !!Just contact us +977-9851005685 for the Mountain flight Nepal.


Mountain flight in Himalaya Nepal

Nepal mountain flight cost & Itinerary

Mountain flight in Nepal took you near the Everest and langtang himalayan sky. if you have dream to see the  beautiful himalayan ranges from the sky, Mountain flight  is your best choice package programmae in Nepal. Mountain flight in Nepal widely reconized as the Everest mountain flight. Peaceful himalayan ranges early in the morning plus landscape of the hilly areas of Nepal fascinating you.

Benefit of the Everest mountain flight in Nepal:

1. You will be sky of the Everest region , you see more than 20 mountain peaks without physical difficulty.

2. Mountain flight in Nepal just one hours duration, during this time , you know how is Nepal.

3. You got the knowledge of the himalayan geography and Name of the worldwide famsous peak.

4. Without going Everest trekking, you can reach over the Everest trekking areas and views of the everest ranges.

5. Very effective for short holidyas travelelrs to fullfill see the everest face to face.

6. Even you are already trekking in Everest, you have chances more explore the everest ranges, and diffrent angeles photography.

7. Benefit for the professional photographer to draw the panoromic pictures from the sky.

Mountain flight cost is $180 per person.

Cost include mountain flight package in Nepal:

1. Pick up from Hotel to airport.

2. Waiting duration of your flight

3. After finished mountain flight drop to the Hotel where you stay in Kathmandu.

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