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Heli trek to Langtang Valley

Wonderful helicopter journey to the langtnag valley, Kynjin Gompa.Series of the Langtang himalaya,Hily region,Kathmandu valley seemed very wonderful by the helicopter tour to the langtang Nepal.

In the langtang trekking, to see the views and facts of the trail as well as geography ,without physical pain helicopter tour is wothful. Total duration of the helicopter tour to langtang trekking is 1:30 hrs. From the helicopter you can see the langtang panaromic ranges, settlement of the village life in diffrent geography.heli trekking in nepal Sherpa gaon, lama hotel, sabrubenshi, Goratabala, langtang, kanjingompa.from kathmadu to langtang valley helicopter tour just take 2 hours. You see great himalayan ranges of the langtang and excellent landscape from the helicopter. we can manage the cheap cost for the langtang helicoper tour for this just you ask us freely.

In the kanjingompa, helicopter is landing , then you can take a tea coffee, take the photos from the land. After that you circuit by the helicopter, then back to kathmandu.

we can customized all the itineries and ideas, it is just sample itineries.

First of all fly kthmandu to langtang and helicopter landed in the kynjin gomba

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