Best guide of manaslu trek(who will be Guide?), Local trekking guide for manaslu trek, Book a manaslu trekking guide, Experience and qualified manaslu trek guide

Best guide of manaslu trek (who will be Guide)

Best guide of manaslu trek(who will be the guide?)

Simply,Guide must have license from Government of Nepal and experience the Manaslu trekking. we says best and good guide for those updating the news of the Manaslu areas such as trail conditon, Law and rule of the Government of Nepal .How to choose the Guide for the Manaslu trek? it is option for you to talk him about the trail and latest treks to the Manaslu trekking.
Guide help the changing the itinerary on the way of the trail and management the difficulty and situation. Guide will be take care for your condition and give the suggestion , how to walk further destination. Which food is good in mountain and which give more emery, favour for walking guide always give you orientation. Guide will be your evergreen friend in the Mountain trekking in Nepal. Either, you are happy or sad or any condition guide always eager to help your condition.
We are from Manaslu region, we are experienced of the Manaslu trekking and we are familiar the trail , people, culture and way of the life in Manaslu trekking. since childhood we saw the Mongolian people of the manaslu region such as Samagaon,Samdo,LHo , pro, etc. They used to carry medicine plant to the Gorkha Bazzar(District headquarters). Today , i feel myself it is like a dream. HOw fast economic status, and standard of the life changing since 30 years. we cannot see this days people of Manaslu carry a heavy load all the way up to samdo by walking 8-9 days either we cannot see cooking rice themselves beside the local trail around the water access places. Time and life of Manaslu region Changing lots. Tourism, Business, medicinal Plants are the major resources the people of Manaslu region. This time Donkey carry the loads of grain, foods and necessary things.
Nubri people up to the last Manaslu village Samdo(Base of larkya pass). Where is your house? They used to reply while there are gorkha 'Atharasaya Khola'(1800 Brooks). we realized when we visit our neighbouring village Phillim, LHo, show, Pork, Shayala, sama and samdo. From our school, village since we childhood we see the mount. Manaslu. After we travel there we realize samagoan is just next slope down to the peak of the mount. Manaslu.
we focusing, promote the Local Gudie of manaslu region. we also guide beside the operator the Manaslu trekking. we try our best to make Happy our customer trekkers in the Manaslu trekking.Welcome to Manaslu trekking , we are waiting for your service and hospatality.
Contact for the Manaslu trek Guide:
we have networking and co-opearative job with Manaslu trek guide. They are local Guide from Manaslu region and training from Goverment of Nepal. we help to find you the best guide for the happy and memorable trip in the Manaslu region.
manaslu trekking Nepal connect to Annapurna region and upper mustang. One can go Annapurna region with the permit of the manaslu region Nepal



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