Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour

Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour

Buddhist pilgrimage tour in Nepal

buddhist pilgrimage tour


Buddhist pilgrimage tour  give you the peace and sprit of your mentality, and enjoy the  views of the life and philosophy of the Buddhism. Siddharatham Gutam birth place  Lumbini, the center of the Buddhist knowledge and religion. It is 300 km west from the kathmandu , capital city of Nepal. After getting enligtnment , siddharatha Gautam become the lord Buddha. Boudhgoya become the another holy places for the Buddhist pilgrimers. After the knowledge , The Lord Buddha came Saranath(vanarashi) advertisemnet the knowledge , that place become another importnat holy Places for the Buddhist Pilgrimage . At the age of the eighty Buddha get the Nirvana at the Kushinagar , which is highlighted another holy places of the Darshan to Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour

According to the Hindus regligion, Buddha is the ten incranation of the God Bishnu. Buddhist and HIndus are the major religious harmonies in Nepal. In kathmandu valley There are many  Buddhist stupa, Shrine, Monastery , Idols. Shambhunath Nath Stupa, Buddhatha stupa are the Pillars of the Buddhist reconization and glory of the spritual Buddhist holy places in Kathmandu valley.Around the hills of the Kathmandu valley , there are lots of Buddhist monastery and shrine. Kopan monastery  teaches the Buddhist mediation for the Tourist. In the Shivapuri Hills, there are famous monastery from where kathamndu valley can observation and enjoy the pure enviroment of the Shivapuri forest atmosphere for the Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour in kathmandu.


Buddhist pilgrimage destination in Nepal


Boudhnath stupa

Swambhunath stupa


White monastery

Itinerary of the Buddhist pilgrimage tour in Nepal

1. Sightseeing in kathmandu valley specially Buddhist shrine

2. Drive to Namobuddha and back to kathmandu

3. Drive to lumbini

5. Back to kahtmandu.

Buddhist pilgrimage tour cost in Nepal.

Include the Buddhist Pilgrimage tour

Exclude the Buddhist pilgrimage tour

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