Kanchenjunga trek itinerary from south to North base camp, Kanchenjunga south base camp to North base camp trek itinerary, Kanchenjunga south and north base camp itinerary

Kanchenjunga trek itinerary from south to North base camp

Kanchenjunga trek itinerary from south to North base camp

To do the Great Himalaya trail from east to west Nepal,it is the route from southern to the Northern base camp trek. from the southern part to pass the lele la is easier than from Ghunsa to Cheram. It is just 2-3 hours up to Sinelapche pass then down all the ways to Ghunsa. most of the people make the itinerary from Taplejung but we like to clear it can be do before Taplejung and after Panchthar. Ganeshcowk is the way to go Meldung village from there extend the bus road one days before Amphudhin. Amphudhin is the last big village to go Kanchenjunga southern base camp. most of the hotel and lodges above the Amphudin are belongs that people.

If you like to go first Kanchenjunga south base camp there are 2 starting point. If you start from Taplejung to Amphudhin way it will be longer. I did this trek before Taplejung called Ganesh chowk to Meldung. In the morning time there is Bus to Meldung or Khebang. Then it takes 2 days to go Amphudin. You able to reach Kanchenjunga southern base camp within 6 days from this way. Second day from Amphudin you can reach in Tortong(2995m). From Tortong walk to Ramche(4580m). Next day go to Yalaung base camp come back to Ramche. Then preparation for the sele le pass to Ghunsa so , you just walk back to Cheram from Ramche. Ramche to Sele le pass  or Ghunsa possible. You can stay one days more in Acclimatization  or rest in Ghunsa. Then, in the day 3 you will be in the Kanchenjunga Northern base camp. Day 4 again back to Ghunsa and continuously down to the  Taplejung.

Cheram to Sele le pass and Ghunsa

It takes 2 days to Ghunsa from Cheram but some people can do within one days. Difficult is up to Sinelapcha La(4640m) then slightly down to the Mirgin la pass(4480m) then all the way down to the Sele le pass(4290m). In the Sele le pass there are traditional rest house and seasonable tea house for the trekkers. Rest house they make for the local travellers who visit Ghunsa and Amphudin frequently. Tea house is for the tourist where you get the Launch and accommodation both. Then, down to the Ghunsa from Sele le pass takes 3-4 hours.

Ghunsa to kanchenjunga Northern base camp Pangpema

It is 2 days to reach Lhonak and 3 days to kanchenjunga base camp. Lhonak have tea houses in the advance request from Ghunsa village. Villagers from Ghunsa running the basic tea house in Khambachen and Lhonak. In the day 3rd morning walking from Ghunsa with the pack launch trekkers go to the Kanchenjunga base camp. There are many moraine on the ways and same day come back to Lhonak. It is one day full back to Ghunsa from Lhonak. For the climatization no need to rest in Ghunsa. Just for the rest you can stay one days more in Ghunsa. then you down to the Gybla , Gybla to Sekathum, Sekathum to Miltung, Miltung to Taplejung. you can down to Basantapur 3 days more walking then Bus to Dharan. After Dharan it is your choice to fly back from Biratnagar to Kathmandu or all the way bus to kathmandu.




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