Nepal kathmandu, Kathmandu Nepal

Nepal kathmandu

Nepal Kathmandu , the capital city of Nepal which is lies in the middle hills valley and Mid zone of Nepal. Nepal one of the religious and historical concept belief country. more than 80 percent of the people are hindus in Nepal. so, there are different opinion about the birth of the Kathmandu valley. some scholar says Manjushree from china cut the hills of the kathmandu and drain out the water then, possible to live here without freezed water.

nepal kathmandu

Kathmandu has gifted a many attraction both cultural and Natural.orginal cultural town of Nepal where is lots  of sources of knowledges.

Manaslu trekking this time become the popular trekking in Nepal. manaslu trekking Nepal connect to Annapurna region and upper mustang. One can go Annapurna region with the permit of the manaslu region Nepal.Manaslu become the popular trekking because of the tibetan culture and inhabitants in Nepal.



Major Activities in Nepal

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