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Kanchenjunga base camp trekking

There are two Kanchenjunga base camp that is join by the se le le pass. kanchenjunga north base camp and kanchenjunga south base camp both lies in the Nepal side even kanchenjunga is the  boardering between Nepal and Sikkim. Kanchenjunga base camp trekking better to starting from taplejung and ending in Basantapur. From Birtamod you can go to the Taplejung by bus and from kathmandu better to fly to the Bhardapur.

Kanchanjunga circuit trekkking

Info about Kanchenjunga base camp trekking Introduction  itinerary, permit & Guide

In Kanchenjunga trek there are base camp of kanchenjunga in the Northern side and southern side. To join the Northern and southern base camp Gunsa village of the kanchenjunga is the great rest point. From Ghunsa to go norhter base camp or pangpema that takes 3 days. To pass the Sele le, mirgin la and go the cheram, ramche and southern part of the kanchenjunga one more days staying in the Ghunsa will be great ideas.Average  Kanchenjunga trek route is easy but sele le pass is difficult. There are many tiny passes , you can see when walking from sele le to cheram.

Kanchenjunga base camp trekking not only famous  due to the third highest mountain base camp trek  in the world  but also  splendid natural diversity and fascinating ethnic group. trekking kanchenjunga base camp is one  of  the category of nepal trekking where is least visited beautiful places. Kanchangunga trekking occupy great wild valley to different ranges of the forest. specially kanchanjunga is renowed as the queen of  the mountain it is encircle by other mountain peaks. kanchanjunga trekking cover various ecological zones, subtropical forest to glaciers . kanchanjunga glacier play a significant to make to kanchanjunga more beautiful and attractive.

if you do both Kanchenjunga south and North base camp it will be the circuit of the kanchenjunga base camp. it is your choice , to do only north or south base camp.mostly people like to do both, it will possible if you able to pass se le le. so, physical fitness important for the Kanchenjunga circuit trekking.

Permit cost and Guide of the kanchenjunga trekking: probably it is the cheapest permit area among the restrication area trekking Nepal. Basically two types of the permit documents needed. one is kanchenjunga restrication permit issued from the immigration of Nepal which is only can apply authorised trekking agency. Then other is kanchenjunga conservation fee cost only Rs. 2000 per person. Kahchenjunga restrication permit cost $10 per week so, it is enough 3 week permit cost $30 usd per person.

kanchenjunga circuit trekking , amazing treks in nepal which is situated in the eastern part of the Nepal. Less touristic, undisturbed culture, Sherpa and limbu community as well as Three passes are major significant of the Kanchenjunga trekking area. Ghunsa village are the main transporation point of the pangpema or base camp of the kanchenjunga. Beside the se le le pass and other two passes way is moderade to the  trekking of the base camp kanchenjunga.
Major views of the kanchenjunga base camp trekking: Khubha karna himal, khambachen, Kanchen junga himal, janu himal etc.

Transporation of the kanchenjunga trekking

Transporation is flexible for the trekking to the kanchenjunga from kathmandu. you can drive bus to Taplejung  from kathamndu or flight to Bhardapur then ride a bus birtamod to Taplejung. if you like to start the trekking from Basantapur you can direclty bus to Dharn or Dhankutta then arrival to bsantapur. in the cases of the starting trekking from basantapur if you are fly kathmandu biratangar is  the best point, then bus to basantapur.

kanchenjunga base camp trekking , amazing treks in nepal which is situated in the eastern part of the Nepal boarder between india and Nepal. Less touristic, undisturbed culture, Sherpa and limbu community as well as Three passes are major challenging ornaments  of the Kanchenjunga trekking area. Ghunsa village are the main transporation point of the pangpema or base camp of the kanchenjunga as well as the Khambachen and Lhokan. Beside the sele le pass and other two passes, almost  way is moderade to the  trekking of the base camp kanchenjunga.

Major views of the kanchenjunga base camp trekking: Khubha karna himal, khambachen, Kanchen junga himal, janu himal etc. world wildlife listed kanchenjunga area 200 eco region in the world and support to eastablished the  advance tea house in the village Ghunsa, khambachen, Lhonak.kanchenjunga base camp trek organized the trekking in Nepal

Like annapurna and Everest trekking, kanchenjunga base camp trek is no traffic of the more tourist trekkers , among the trekking region of the name it is unspolied and less visited places.Whole conservation area cover the 2035 sq. km.  where is decorated the seasonal flowers rhodendrons, orchids, liles, primulla. Ghunsa is the main and big village which is touching great himalayan trail. People of the Ghunsa opening the lodges khamchen,kanchenjunga base camp, Lhonak, Sele le pass of the kanchenjunga trekking. if you like quite , less crowded trekking plus natural and fascinating kanchenjunga will be the best choice for you.Like other trekking , kanchenjunga trekking also starting from the subtroptical region to the pasture meadows places and glacier wilderness. mt. kanchenjunga is the third world highest mountian in the world and second big mountian after sagarmatha which is boardering with sikkim north east part of the india.

From Ghunsa to the cheram there are many passes like sele  le where is basic tea houses for the tea house trekkers. Trekkers use to stay one day to make the comfort passes to cheram way to the south base camp of the kanchenjunga. mirgin la and other passes before decend to the Cheram.

Diffculty of the kanchanjunga trekking:- Actually kanchenjunga trekking  is no difficult directly go to the kanchenjunga base camp and same way back to Taplejung. if you like to se le le pass there is will be little bit difficulty because there are Mirjin la pass. normally People can treks there. Kanchanjunga trekking is  no such strenous and rough way. apppropriate physical condition is needed, no need Mountaineering skills  if  have some mountaineering experience it would be more preference.However it is only at the places of the Three passes between Ghunsa village and Cheram.

Trip highlighted:- Less visitors, high challenging mountain passes, Excellent views of the mountain,Grand  towering mountain and forest located where is splendid wildlife and Yak pasture region. Even this trek is sounds  strenous but you can get the tremendous varieties . In this trek visit the local sherpa, alpine meadows , monastery. This trek start from Basantapur and End in the Taplejung. Where is making starting point of the kanchenjunga it is your choice and time frame.Kanchenjunga base camp trek, best trekking in Nepal

Places cover trekking:-Biratnagar,Gupha pokhari,sekhathum,Amjipass, khambachen, kande bhanjyang, Taplejung.

Permit of the kanchenjunga trek

Kanchenjunga trek needed a special permit from the goverment of Nepal on the recomendation the goverment register trekking agency. Two types of the documentaion importation. Another is kanchenjunga conservation areas fee which is Nepalese rupees 2000 NPR. Permit fee of the kanchenjunga is per wook $10 usd. Three weeks permit $21 usd.

Kanchenjunga Tea house trekking: Because of the facility of the basic lodges in the Kanchenjunga base camp trek , no need to depend upon only camping trekking. However  hirring sleeping bag, tent, dry fruits carry is important.

Itineary of the kanchanjunga Trekking from a Basantapur( You can start this trekking directly from a Taplejung  or Meldung-Therpu)

  1. Arrive in kathmandu.
  2. Fly from kathmandu to Biratnagar then drive to Basanapur(2200)
  3. Basantpur To chauki(2700m)-5.30hr.
  4. Chaukai-Ghupha pokhari(2930m)-4 hours
  5. Ghupha pokhari-Nisum(2000m)-5 hours
  6. Nisum to Thumma(823m)-5 hours
  7. Dovan to Chirwa(1270m)-6 hours
  8. Chirwa to Sekhathum(1660m)-5 hours
  9. Sekhathum to Amjilassa(2510m)-5:30 hours
  10. Amjilassa to Kyapra(2730m)-4:30 hours
  11. Kyapra to Ghunsa(3595)-5 hours
  12. Ghunsa to khambachen(4040m)-5:30 hours
  13. Khambachen to Lhonak(4785m)-6 hours
  14. Day trip pangpema(5143)
  15. pangpema to khambachen
  16. khambachen to ghunsa
  17. Ghunsa to Kyapra
  18. Kyapra to Amjilasha
  19. Amjilasha to sekathum
  20. Sekathum to chirwa
  21. Chirwa to Taplejung
  22. Taplejung to by Bus or plane kathmandu.
  1. Note: For more information feel free to write: CLOAKING . Our agency Mountain air Guided Adventures(p.) ltd. make a tea house trekking in kanchenjunga area. we suggest you rent a tent, hired a porter for carrying the dry food, stove.
Note:2 if you donot like to come back same way to Taplejung there is option  another way calles se le le pass then takes two days come back down to Amphidin. similarly from Amphidin it takes two ways to back Taplejung. or you can directly go to Khebam then bus to meldung and Taplejung.

Options to  start Kanchenjunga circuit trekking:

There are Three passes in the Kanchenjunga circuit: Sele la, (4290) from a Ghunsa village it take 5 hours , in the Sele la high camp there are very basic one tea houses which is merely open if there are more tourist from a Ghunsa going to passes. Another passes is Mirgin la (4480m), after walking one hours third passes Sinelapcha Bhanjhang(4646m) height. From there going down to Cheram it take about 3 hrs.
so, it is your Choice you like to passes Sele la from which side, Ghunsa or Cheram. That determine from which way you starting the trekking of the Kanchenjunga base camp. if you like to go Oktung base camp first you start the trekking from the Meldung-Therpu or Taplejung. Your find check point in Yamphudin, big village of the Eastern route of the Kanchenjunga circuit. From a Meldung it take 2 days to Yamphudin(Sherpa village) while from Taplejung to Yamphudin it take 3 days to reach Yamphudin.
From Cheram to Ghunsa it take 2 days and more easier because you only climp up 2-3 hours after that rest of the day you down, slighty down and strait. From a Ghunsa to Cheram when passes all the three passes up.after finised difficult passes only down.

Other option of the starting point of the kanchenjunga base  camp trekking form a Basantapur. It take 4 days more but views of the village, flowering jungle , newly trekking mike danda it is very worthful to start from there also.

Please click this link for the kanchenjunga

Kanchenjunga trekking package cost:

There are service package and full board package for the kanchenjunga trekking. full board package include the permit, food, accommodation, guide, transporation while service package included Guide, transporation and permit only.

Kanchenjunga base camp trekking preparation:

First you check your time of the holidays in Nepal because you have to estimate 21 days just for the Kanchenjunga base camp trekking.

2. what Kind of the transporation you like to use, it is depends upon budget. From Kathamndu to Biratnagar fly or you like to go by bus.

3. You have to decide the starting point of the trekking Basantapur or from Illam

4. After kanchenjunga base camp trekking from Ghunsa do you like to pass the se le le or like to same way down to Illam or Basantapur, you have to  make this kind of the mentality.

5. Final permit of the kanchenjunga will be ready after your arrival in Nepal with  your orginal passport. so, processing for the base camp kanchengunga trekking advance is essental

6. It is essental a trekking equiment for the kanchenjunga trekking, for this you have to see our equiment list link.

7. Before booking the trip you have to  check the trekking agency organizing agency have a what kind of the reputation and feedback


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