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Manaslu Trekking

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Trip Facts:

Trip Duration: 20 Days

Manaslu Trekking days:12-15

Max. Altitude: 5,213 m

Trekking Style: Tea house

Manaslu Trekking agency:

Mountain Air Guided Adventures(p.)Ltd.

Thamel, Kathmandu Nepal


Best season:  sept, october, November, march, april, may

Manaslu trekking starting from Arughat and ending in Dharpani eventhough there are alternative route via gorkha bus station  via lower manaslu trip. Mountain Air Guided Adventures(p.)Ltd. is the leading manaslu trekking agency in Nepal from where many manslu trekking opearating. Manaslu circuit trekking means starting point of the manslu  trek and end point of the trekking   and when come back to the kathmndu automatically circled the mount manaslu.

Manaslu Trekking Days discussion: if you come back from Dharapani to Bensiar by jeep and one day sama gaon rest and following the generall itinerary you can finished within 12 days manaslu trekking.if you like to  rest 1 or 2 days in samagaon as well as Bhimtang or take take two days slow down to Dhrapani it will be take 15 days  for the manaslu trekking.

Option of the starting manaslu trekking:

Arughat-Arughat is the direct point of the starting trekking from kathmandu. Access within 7-8 hours from kathmandu. Arughat to Khora benshi 2 days, it is the meeting point of the lower manaslu trekkers who start from the Gorkha bazzar. it takes about  4 days from Gorkha.alternatively you can start the manaslu trek from Barpak and Laprak village.

Gorkha bazzar- Gorkha bazzar is the district headquarters of the Gorkha district. It takes 5 hours bus from kathmandu to Gorkha.Gorkha is the old capital of Nepal then trek to -Nareshwor-Balua-Barpak-laprak-Khorla benshi. It will be 4 days longer but cover the lower manaslu trekking, historical capital gorkha and village of the British  Gorkha soldier  Barpak where is  now a days highlighted as a Barpak home stay.Even there are direct bus to barpak from kathmandu but we recommendation starting manaslu trek on foot from the bottom of the Manaslu areas.

Diffrent between 12 days manaslu itinerary and 15 days manaslu trekking itinerary

12 days itinerary is little bit tight then 15 days trekking itineary. 12 days itineary you have to walk 7 hours per day while 15 days itineary just walk 5 hours per day. After crossing  larkya pass 12 days trekkers directly down to Dharapani while 15 days trekkers stay between Dhrapani and Bhimtang.12 days manaslu trekkers direclty jeep  from Dharapani to benshiar then bus to kathmandu or pokhara while 15 days manaslu trekkers walk down from dharapani and just short distance jeep drive  and can stay to the benshiar. 15 days trekkers can reserch the manaslu hidden village and they can go off the beaten path of the manaslu but 12 days trekkers limited on the main trail generally. Itinerary of the manaslu trekking is minimum 12 days, it can be modified according to the situation.12 day manaslu trekking has one rest day in samagaon there is no rest day in samdo. 15 day manaslu trekking have 2 rest day, one is samagaon another is samdo. In samdo you can use the rest day hiking near the Nepal and tibet boarder side, larkya bazzar.

14 days manaslu trekking has also time to rest in samagaon and samdo. It provide the flexilbe to down Bhimtang to Dharapani. After crossing larkya la Bhimtang or kharche is very nice place for the rest.

13 day Manaslu trekking itinerary has also time to rest both places samagaon and samdo. but it is tight itineary like a 12 days manaslu in other days. It is diffrent than 12 days itinearry because 12 days itinearry have no time to rest in samdo but 13 day itineary have 1 days rest  samdo. from all above this manaslu trekking has many flexible itinerary.

Itinerary of the Manaslu trekking

1. Kathmandu to Arughat By bus, Takes 7-8 hours , then stay in Hotel
2. Arughat to Lapubenshi, it take 6 hours walking distance up stream of the Budhigandaki river.
3. Lapubenshi to Doban, walking disance also around 5/6 hours, this time we passes the Machhi khola, tatopani then after corssing the bridge you will get down Dovan village.
4. Doban to Phillim: At this day, you crossed  same river Buri Gandaki  more than 3 times. In the village Jagat  there are restrication  permit checking of the manaslu.
5.Philim to Biphedi: Philim to Biphedi access it take about 7 hours, trail is no difficult, just slightly up.
6. Biphedi to Lho: After walking one hours meet the village Gap, then up to the Namrung , which take 2 hours up to Namrung, then 1 and half hours walking we reached the village Lho. namrung become the launch places.
7.Lho to Samagaon: Just 3 hours walking to the samagaon from a lhow village, that day very charming and breathtaking views of the mount. Manaslu and hinchuli highlighed.
8. Rest day in Samagaon, excrusion to manaslu base camp, Gumpa, Birendara lake.
9. Samagaon to Samdo: Samagaon to samdo just 2 hours walking distance. Trail is very flat with mane stone.
10. Samdo to Dharmashala: Because of the up and high altitude places, it takes 2.5 hours to reach Dharmashala, there are only one tea houses and lots of camping spaces.
11. Dhramashala to Bhimtang: It is the days of the passing arid altitude larkya pass , 3.5 hours to the top then roug moraine sleepry decend to the Bhimtang.
12. Bhimtang to Tilje: with the views of the manalsu, himlung , it take 5 hours down to tilje.
13.Bhimtang to Dharapani
14. Dharapani  to Benshishar by Jeep, then you will reach in afternoon Benshiar, then go to kathmandu and pokhara.
15. Benshishar to Kathmandu.
If you Jeep ride from Dharapani to Benshiar

Note: You can extend This trip to the Annapurna circuit with Throng la, After Muktinath bus to all way pokhara or Jomsom to pokhara by flight

Overviews of the Manaslu trekking

Manaslu trek become popular tea house trekking in Nepal since 2 years and connecting to the Annpurna circuit trek because of the newly opened bus road spoiled the most of the trekking ares of the Annapurna. Trekking specialist of Nepal  said manaslu trek become the number one trek in Nepal.  In the past days,Manaslu trekking was listed the unspolied , less visited trekking area in nepal.Trekking manaslu dominated the people of nurpri in the souce of the budhi gandaki valleys beyond the mt. Manaslu.  Highest point of the manaslu trekking is larkya pass which is represent the exceptionally little tibet in  nepal. Lho village,Samagaon, Samdo village, larkya  pass represented the best view point of the Manaslu trekking area.Trekking trails  of the manaslu region are strewn with artistic chortens, walls of the Mani which is inscribed the traditional Mantra, deties and mystery. mt. Manaslu located the 40 miles east from the Annapurna. Manaslu means the: "sprit of the mountain", that means benevolent deity dwelling places. Manaslu trekking is nearest trekking areas after the langtang valley trekking more than that in the case of the restrication and off the beaten path trekking manaslu distance is just 100 km from the kahmandu valley. Middle between pokhara and kathmandu valley, it protect its own aura mediveal tibetan culture, exotic life style, pristine lifestyle of the  local people and Himalayan scenery. Manaslu trekking decorated fascinating views of the Himalchuli, mt. manaslu, Ganesh himal. People of the Tsum and Nurbi are highlighted with the background of the spectacular views of the transparent manaslu himalaya.To explore the manaslu trek, it is the best ideas trek to the manaslu for 3 week.

nareshwor manaslu trekking

It takes up to three weeks for the  Manaslu circuit, a challenging roue east of the Annapurna area that ventures into the extremely remote Manaslu conservation area and over a 5200-meter Larke- pass. This trek is well worth considering if you were thinking of doing the Annapurna circuit and were put off by the new road or increased commercialization.  From Arughat(530), the first eight days climb steadily up the Buri Gandaki valley, passing through deep Gurung country. (A fascinating side-trip would be east of philim up to the stunning, forested and intensely Buddhist Tsum valley, which penetrates behind the 7000-metre peaks of Ganesh Himal).Beyond Deng(1800m) the valley starts to turn east and you enter the high, tibetan country of Nupri, it is roughly four more days up through increasingly lofty, Buddhist country to the splendid Larkya La(5213), on the very shoulder of Manaslu-The pass can be snowy and dangerous. The decent is very fast:two steep days down the Dudh Khola to Marsyangdi valley just above Dharapani(1860), from where the road coming up from Beisahar is less than a day away

.when reach the village Lho, shou, sama, samdo trekkers of the Manaslu trekking  sensation and perception little tibet in the territory of Nepal, Near the boarder of the orginal tibet. Upper part of the Buri gandaki river, there are bhotkhola, near the samdo village of bhotkhola, there are larkya Bazzar which was famoussalt traditing market many years before. According to local people transporation is cheaper than the exchange rate or buying rate in tibet so, even far they brings the daily using things , trekkers food from Arughat. intresting things are sama and samdo are diffrent just one and half hours. People or villager of the samdo buying the things in Benshiar, starting point of the annapurna circuit trekking or ending point of the manaslu larkya pass trek. from Dharapnai, neighbouring trekking meeting point of manaslu, doneky carry the food up to the larkya pass via bhimtang.Because of the road building in annapurna trek, manaslu trekking more busy and merging with annapurna circuit trekking even they have separate permit. if you take permit of the manaslu trek ,no need to buy timms card for the annapurna trek, just need a conservation  area permit. Those travelers are experience in all the tea houses trekking in Nepal, they are doing mainly restrication area trekking. Due to the extension the road in the Annapurna circuit plus facility the tea house  in manaslu trekking region, now  days it is a great trend to do  manaslu tea  house trekking.

manaslu circuit trekking, beautiful trekking in Nepal

Flora and Fauna

fauna:33 specices of mammals, 110 specices of birds, 11 specices of butterflies,3 specices of reptiles.

flora:-2000 specices of plants, 11 types of forest, 50 specices of useful plant.


The manaslu region Arughat to larke has six climatic zones: Troptical,(1000m below) subtriptical(1000 to 2000, )temparate(2000 to 3000), subalpine3000 to 4000), alpine(4000 to 5000) and arctic.According to the climate there are same kind of the plants found

Plces cover of manaslu trekking:

Arughat, Arkhet, Sotikhola, Machhikhola, Dovan, Jagat, Phillim, Deng, Gap, Namrung, Lho, samagaon, samdo, bhimtang, Tilche, Dharapani.

Note: To go Tsum valley of Manalsu you need just one week extra time and permit cost $35. you can combintion or only  can do the Tsum valley.
you can modify the intinerary and countinuous to the Throng-la anapurna cirucit trekking.

Include the trip

  1. Three times meals and Accomodation in the Trekking area. 
  2. Trekking Guide, experienced in manaslu trekking area. 
  3. All the Documentation of the Trekking(special permit, Manaslu conservation area entry fee)
  4. 3night hotel in kathmandu
  5. All the land transporation
  6. Trekking stick, sleeping bag
  7. Seasonable fruits organges, Banana etc.
Price Exclude:manaslu samagaon village trekking

1. personal nature expenses

2. personal expenditure.

3. Alcoholic beverage.,

For more details contact us: CLOAKING

Manaslu area conservation area and permit fee

Manaslu permit fee in the september to November first one week 70$ after that per day 10$

December to August first week 50$ per person, then $ 7 per per day per person.

Since 2 years trekkers have a facility a tea house in the manaslu circuit trekking. so, prices are cheaper than the orga

nize camping trekking. Our agency Mountain Air Guided Adventures managed you the eco-friendly prices in the trekking of manaslu. we can customized the itinerary according to your time frame and intrests.

15 Days manaslu package trekking in the tea house basic is $1250 usd per person. In this tea house trekking prices of the manaslu trekking is reasonable . if you like to need a extra porter price you pay $25 usd per day.


Permit fee of the Manaslu treking

from september to November per person per week $70 usd after 7 days per person per day $10 usd, from dec

ember to August per person per week $50 usd. This permit of the manaslu only issuded by the government register trekking agency in nepal.

Faq about manaslu trekking

1. Is manaslu fully tea house trekking Now a days?

-Yes manaslu trekking is fully tea house trekking, you can carry your light backpack only, your guide will escort the way and portter will carry your extra bagpack and some snacks like a chocklate, dry food etc.

2. how many people needed to get the permit of the manaslu trek?

-According to the Nepal goverment rules, there is saying it needed at least two people. but secrect truth  and tips of the trek for the single people have also criteria. You need a passport copy of your friends, then have to pay the permit fee, conservation area fee of manaslu. Other alternative way of the issue the trek permit  is to find the trekekrs from friend, agancy contact etc.

3. Can i hire only a Guide for the manaslu trekking?

-yes, you can just hire a guide for the manaslu trekking. without package extra service  charge  to make Manaslu conservation area permit and restrication area  permit which is issued by the immigriation of Nepal by the recomendation of the treking company plus guide daily salalry $30 usd per day.

4. Why Rest in the Sama gaon in Manaslu trekking?

Sama gaon is in the base of the mount. Manaslu and it is big village of the tibetan community near to the boarder of the Tibetan market. It is first perpective to rest in the village samagaon when you are in the manaslu trek. Second reason to  rest is to adapt the body in the high altitude to pass the larkya la. samagaon is 3500 m from the sea level. Pangen  monastery, Birendara Tal, Manaslu base camp are the worthseeing day hiking and  excrusions.

5. How is the larkya pass ?

-Mainly larkya pass is main mission after the tibetan manaslu village Lho, pro, sama, samdo. Actually the way is not difficult to the larkya pass but after pass there are steepy and rocky. It is better some ice axe , rope at least.

6. Is there any alternative route for the manaslu trekking?

-Beside the Arughat bazzar there are alternative route for the manaslu trekking. Where is facility to stay in the local people house. You can enter this route through the Gorkha Bazzar then walk Barpak village via Nareshwor, Nibel, Dhudeni, Baluwa. After barpak you can stay at the singla village before mixing regular manaslu route Machikhola or khorlabenshi.

7. what kinds of the Trekking equiment needed for the manaslu trekking?

-Mainly down Jacket, good trekking shoes, good sleeping bag, gloves, sun  glasses etc. are important for the Manaslu trekking in Nepal.

8. How long it take to get a Manaslu trekking permit?

-It is depends upon your document we got. Normally it takes 2-3 days to make a permit of the Manaslu trekking permit. so it will better if you send your scanning copy of the passport and two copies of the passport photos.

9. Can i get the local Guide for the Manaslu trekking in Nepal?

-People from Manaslu region , Many trekking agency in Kathmandu and they give priority for the local guide from the Manaslu region. Mr. Naba Thapa from the Manaslu region who got the license of the manaslu trekking as well as all trekking Nepal in 2003. As his own district manaslu region , he become very enthuziasting to be a guide in manaslu region.

10. What kind of the valid documentation needed for the trekking agency to appy the restrication aea permit?

Trekking agency who have foreign exchange account or license in the Nepal central bank or  Rastrya bank have authority to take the permit of the manslu trekking in Nepal. Every document of the company should be update and recent tax clear certificate is very important to issue the permit of any restrication aeras of Nepal. At the final stage of the documentation it is necessary orginal passport from the trekkers. Normally it take 1 or 2 days to make a restrication area permit  after arrival in Nepal.

Starting point of the manaslu trekking: Arughat and Gorkha Bazzar are the most popular starting point of the manaslu trekking. if manaslu trekking starting from the Gorkha bazzar , you have oppourtanity to see the lower manaslu trekking areas, old capital of Nepal. it will be take 4 days time than starting directly from Arughat.Khor la benshi is the point  which is meeting point of the trekkers starting from Gorkha or Arughat. you have grand chance to visit the home of the gorkha soldiers called BAPAK VILLAGE which is this time become the home stay in Gorkha.

Fixed group deparature for Manaslu trekking 2015

fixed group deparature starting 15 feb, 2015 to end 27 feb, 2015

fixed group deparature starting manaslu trek 20 feb, 2015 to End manaslu trekking 3 march 2015

Fixed group deparature of manaslu trek 25 feb. 2015 to end manaslu trekking 8 march 2015

Fixed group deparature of manaslu trek 3 feb, 2015 to end manaslu trekking 13 march 2015

12 days Manaslu trekking cost $950 usd per person for  2 People in group

12 days Manaslu trekking cost $900 usd per person 3-4 People in a group

12 days manaslu trekking cost $850 usd per person for 5-8 person a group

Manaslu trekking for the Autman 2015 fixed group deparature:

15 september , 2015 to End date 27 september 2015

20 september 2015  to end date 3 october  2015

25 september 2015 to end date 8 october  2015

30 september  2015 to end date 12 october 2015

3  october 2015 to end date 15 october 2015

5 october 2015 to end date 17 october 2015

8 october 2015 to end date 20 october 2015

we can customatized the fixed group deparature date according to your need. so feel free to ask about the inquiry the trekking of the manaslu trekking. we are listed the sample itinerary of the kanchenjunga trekking here.


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