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Ten years experience trekking guide  Nepal, Mr Naba Thapa opened  mountain air Guided Adventures(p.)ltd,after ten years trekking guide in Himalaya Nepal. it is also called the independent  guide own agency.  Mountain Air guided Adventures trekking  arranges your  trekking holidays plan very Eco friendly way and our team of the guide of Nepal dedicated complete holidays solution in Nepal.You can choice 15 experience trekking guide in Nepal who have very best technique to make happy by their dedicated service.Due to the Guide registered agency it can be also  freelance trekking guide or independent trek guide agency as well as.

Trekking guide in Nepal shows and escort the way in Nepal himalaya trekking routes. They have many responsbilities and duties when they are in service with their clients in the trail. In Nepal, there are more than 5, 000 liec. holder trekking guide.Everest, Annapurna, langtang are frequently visited by the independent trekkers but when they are sick, nobody care them because every trekkers have own limitation time and planning. so,hiring  a trekking guide in Nepal is very important safe and reliable journey in the Himalaya mountain Nepal.

Trekking guide in Nepal speaking diffrent languaage. if you need a french speaking guide, you can consult the office, they provide you Guide according to your demand and necessary. Trekking guide Nepal already famous in the trail  and with the local people. They know the condition of the trail and frequently ask with the local. Now a days trekking guide in Nepal very educative and well trained from the goverment authorised training center. They know the first Aid medication and high altitude places and knowledge.There are following  criteria to become the trekking guide in Nepal:

Why trekking with Naba's Agency?

15  years Experienced Guide agency in Nepal

Professional staff

Experience Guide team

Budget trekking price

University graduated Guide


  • To become a trekking guide in Nepal first , one must have two years experince of the trekking field as Assistant guide, porter, sherpa etc. are the primary phase of the carrier of the guide.
  • Then, Goverment of Nepal opened the training for three months , must be selected in the interviews.
  • 3 months training and examination for the grading 'A','B', 'C'.
  • After passing the examination , they got a goverment liec. of the trekking guide

Why trekking Guide important while you trip in Nepal?

Annapurna , langtnag and Everest trekking, there are choice to hire a trekking guide in Nepal. It is your own security and protection from many unseen unsaftey when you hire a trekking guide  any trekking route in Nepal. He will be your friend, Nepal informer and confidence.In restrication trekking areas of Nepal there are compulsion hiring a trekking guide and minimum 2 people necessary in a group. Trekking guide translate the thinks, opinion  of the local people  if they like to communicate with you.

Character of the Good trekking Guide in Nepal:

Good trekking Guide means experience about the trekking route, mode of the trekking route and time  to access the proper destination. how to service the food and knowledge to cook diffrent types of the food availability in Nepal according to the cultural , regional bases. one man but many role that is the duty of the guide of Nepal. Better to have knowledge about the goverment,poltics, religion, destination when you choose the travel advisior in Nepal trekking

Bio-Data of Naba Guide

Name: Naba Raj Thapa

Date of Birth:24-02-1980

Birth Place:-Gorkha District, Nareshwor Village(Near the Gorkha palace)-2

Citizenship N. : 52975, Passport Number:-2399215(place of Issue-Gorkha District administrator)

Father's Name: Prem Bahadur Thapa

Mother's Name: Sita Thapa

Temporary Address of Resdience: Gongabu, Mahadevtar-8; Tokha Road

Contact N.:- 00977-9746006634 00977-9721419842

Occupation:-Trekking Guide,Tour opearator &CEO of Mountain Air Guided Adventures(p.) ltd.

Company Name/Address:

Mountain Air Guided Adventures(p.) Ltd.

Thamel, Bhagwanwal, Kathmandu

P. O.Box:12597, Kathmandu Nepal

Ph:- 00977-14417362

Bank Address:

Name of Account Holder:Mountain Air Guided Adventures(p.)Ltd.

Account Number:01030024392

Paying Bank:-Nepal Investment Bank

Bank Address:-Thamel, Ganeshman street, ph. Nepal Investment Bank Limited, Truly a Nepali Bank ...THAMEL BRANCH Chaksibari,Thamel Tel: 4218431,4218434, 4218485,4218486. Fax: 4218434, 17. ...


Trekking Guide Liec. N.: -3399(Ministary of Tourism)

Company Liec. N.: 1035(Ministary of the Tourism)

Academatic Qualification: M. A. In Literature and philosophy, M. A. In International poltics

Experience of the Trekking:

Starting the Trekking : 1998, Register the Trekking company:2009

Places of Guiding:-Whole Annapurna Area, Langtang Area Trekking, Kanchenjunga area Trekking, Everest Area trekking, Manaslu Area Trekking etc.

Guide Own company

Guide own company means independet trekking guide opening company for the facility of the trekking document to the trekkers eco-friendly way. Booking any trip in the Guide company  in nepal will reliable service and reasonable prices. Practically Guide know the service, how to manage the service good-Explaning the culture of the local village, translating the local people conversation, introducing the local food, Local drink of Nepal. Beside the touristic area of nepal , Trekking guide of Nepal introduced hidden parts, inhabitants of the custom and expose the traditional myth , legend and mysterious.

company owners is a Guide and Guide is a trekking agency owners, so the prices of the trekking  is lower in the same service and places in the comparision the other trekking agency. Our agency tailor the trip, minimized the costing of the your trip in nepal as well as according to your desire we mange you home stay trekking, rural areas staying and look around.

There are many festival during the year in nepal, that is description by the trekking Guide. National flowers of the Nepal, National animal of the Nepal, National flag of the Nepal, National color of the Nepal, National festival of the Nepal etc. all are explain by the guide of the Nepal. Amazing marriage between Nepali people seemed more imaginative. Traditional arrange marriage, elopment mariage visual made enchanting your mind and feeling. More than that polygamy and polyandry marriage system in the traditional buddhist family in nepal make your sensation colorful nepal and nepali people and one wreath of the thoudands flowers.

Guide own company manage you, visit the restrication area trekking in the low budget. Dolpa village, Jumla village, Humla village, Tsum valley are the hidden cultural treasure in nepal. Trekking Guide company make you faciliate that places in a economic and eco-freindly prices. Guide own company have a authorised making a document of the Restrication permit. if you are looking the group for the remote part of the nepal , sharing the permit, tents, budget our trekking company,-mountain Air Guided Adventures(p.) ltd. manage the group. we are member of the Trekking agent association of nepal. more than 700 trekking agency listed in the TAAN. we forwarded the mail for the group , every member of the TAAN  register company, Then solve your complete holiday solution in nepal.

you will meet the community hospatality in the rural side of Nepal. Fresh water, organic fruits, vegetable and food relax our mentality in nepal. Buffaloes milk, Youghrt, butter, millet porride, dry spianch pickle and curry, pop corn  and seasonable vegetalbe offering by the trekking guide in nepal. Trekking Guide have a very loyal service they are very polite and caring. if you like the local chicken and cook the local house, Guide do everythings. you feel  really happiness with the nepali people, nepali culture, geography, custom and culture of Nepal.

Faq about the Trekking Guide

1. How i hired a trekking guide in Nepal?

-Every Trekking agency have a trekking guide in a salary basic or part time basic. so, they provides you many categoris of the Guide. Our agency Mountain Air Guided adventures have a trekking guide more than 15 years expeirence and 3-5 also.

2. can i hiring both Guide and porter from trekking agency Nepal?

-According to your bagback you can hiring for comfort and easy carry your thigs which is useful for trekking.

3. How much cost for the trekking guide hiring in Nepal?

-It is depends upon the trekking route and places.  howevery mainly it cost $20 usd per day for hiring trekking guide.

prices of the Trip

Friends, due to its Guide own company prices are lower, economic and budgetable we design.

coming from Gorkha where the Mount. Manaslu area begins, and located between Kathmandu and pokhara. Naba is familiar with the culture of the manaslu region since a boy. A good student, he progressed to study social sciences in the university in kathmandu. To Support his studies, Naba became a guide for a trekking agency in 1998. Over the years he guided groups from west dolpo to the east Kanchenjunga area. His experience has given him much knowledge of the seasonal beauties and how avoid the hazards the trekkers may observe. At the same time Naba has continued to study, married and raising a family and now organized trekking groups to go. Because of his many years experience he can be counted on to he find the best trekking schedule for you and for your group.

Naba's flexibility with dealing with trekkers has made him an ideal organizer for you . He continues to study in his free time, enjoying the new found love of literature. He has completing the mastered 2011. you will find yourself in capable hands choosing Naba to arrange your next trek.

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