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Kanchenjunga Helicopter Tour

Kanchenjunga magnificent places in nepal where is still less discovered and excellent    panaromic  kanchenjunga  himalayan ranges,   world third highest mountain.if you have less time    and         if you like to comfort your journey to the kanchenjunga base camp, it could be the best ideas by the Helicopter to the kanchenjunga conservation areaHeli copter tour in Kanchenjunga tour, eastern part of the Nepal.

Intrest of the kanchenjunga Helicopter tour: Biratnagar, Pathivara Mahadev, Sukhetar airstrip in the tapl ejung, Ghunsavillage, kanchenjunga base camp, Cheram-Near the oktung base camp, Illam tea spot in nepal.

first your flight landed in the Biratnagar then fly to the sukhetar. after that round the pathivara temple, then fly to Ghunsa villlage. After Ghunsa village, with the panaromic mountain views of the kanchenjunga area your helicopter landed at lenok or kanchenjunga base camp. again fly to the eastern part of the kanchenjunga, then landed at Illam tea spot of Nepal. Enjoy the tea hilly garden Illam then fly out to the Nepal gunj then Kathmandu.

Time period of the Kanchenjunga Helicopter tour:3-4 hours

Price starts from----book your kanchenjunga Helicopter tour

Number of pessenger kanchengunga helicopter tour-05

cost of the helicopter tour in kanchenjunga:-usd 7500

Actually helicopter tour prices are basic upon the hours system. There are determine the hours system according to the destination of the landing the helicopter.

Itineary of the Kanchenjunga Helicopter tour:

1. From kathmandu to fly Sukhetar then landing in Pathivara which is famous  pilgrimage places both hindus and Buddhist, then take a rest and Darshan, look around  with the photography  as well as landscape of the eastern part of Nepal.

2. Fly to  the Ghunsa village, which is tourism village  which is best places moving up to the pangpema(kanchenjunga northern base camp ).

3. Then fly to kanchenjunga base camp , observaton the views of the great himalaya of the eastern Nepal boadering with the Tibet.

4. Then Back to Kathmandu.

Time period : 4 hours  on sharing basis.

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