Basantapur kanchenjunga base camp trekking

Basantapur kanchenjunga base camp trekking

Basantapur kanchenjunga base camp trekking

It is best to fly biratnagar from Kathmandu then bus to Dharan and Dhunkutta. Basantapur is the trek starting point to kanchenjunga base camp. You also directly visit Kathmandu to Dhunkuta by bus to access the starting point of the kanchenjunga trekking.

Kanchenjunga base camp trekking or Pangpema  one of the less touched and less explored places in Nepal where is easy because of the facility of the tea houses however  tent and dry food  recommended to carry. In this itinerary of the trekking start from the Basantapur, Chauki Ghupha pokhari where splendid views and flowers panoramic   experienced. Ghupa pokharai or Mike Danda are now listed  the tourist worthful destination , people enjoy the city of Dharan , British ex-army resident in eastern part of Nepal. Mainly  People are Limbu  and Sherpa in that region , Kanchenjunga area trekking. You can see the Yak grazing in the top of the hills, potter carry the heavy loads to the village of the Ghunsa , farmers are busy in potatoes field in the trekking region of the Kanchenjunga.

Before opening the road of the Taplejung , people of the Ghunsa, sekathum, lelep used to walk through the Basantapur, now they are going by bus from Biratamod to Taplejung directly. Local people of Ghunsa still exchange the potatoes with the corn and millet to the people of the Amphudhin . They are passing the Mirgela, se le la and other passes  then reached to the Annaphedi. Most of the Kanchenjunga trekking have no facility cell phone , just have a facility of the stm satellite phone. As a local people saying recent days, there will going to make a Tower of the cell phone in the Pathivara Temple which cover to cell  phone all the district of the Taplejung. Main epicenter of the Kanchenjunga trekking is the Ghunsa village. Local people of the Ghunsa village have a lodge in the Khambachen, Lhonak , one lodge in the Kanchenjunga Base camp and  Se le la High camp.  You will know the news of the opening tea house in the khambachen, Lhonak and se le le  pass after reaching the Ghunsa. People of the Ghunsa Give a  kitchen key or they going to open themselves  when requesting them normally.

To know the condition of the lodges in Cheram , Ramche, Annaphedi , Troang better to phone from Ghunsa to Amphudhin. Otherwise we have to management different way . Like a option of the Starting point of the trekking, there are plenty choices ending point of the trekking kanchenjunga. You can finished now a days in the Khamen because of facility of the bus roads. If you have no hurry you can back to the Taplejung through the Kande Bhanjhang and Laikharka. In the comparisons of the Everest , Annapurna, langtang, Tea house condition of the Kanchenjunga trekking area are very basic and less tourist.


Other trekking of the Kanchenjunaga by the starting point and extension:


manaslu trekking Nepal connect to Annapurna region and upper mustang. One can go Annapurna region with the permit of the manaslu region Nepal.







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