Bicycle tour in Dhulikhel Namobuddha

Bicycle tour in Dhulikhel Namobuddha

Bicycle tour in nepalBicycle tour in Dhulikhel Namobuddha: 2 days.

It is the wide road from a kathamndu to Dhulikhel. Then our bicycle driving to the Namobuddha, it is the buddhist shrine and have a full of the monastery complex. you can see the langtang ranges and some part of the everest ranges. Local village houses, Local farm, vegetable field, rice field as well as mustard hills van visable. you can see cattel are grazing in the fiield , local people cutting the  grasses for the cow. You are going one way come back thrugh the paunati.

Namobuddha is the excellent shrine of the buddhist where you see the monastery complex and breathtaking views of the Himalayan. your journey experience the local village farming, local people , cultural background of the newar and tamang community.

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