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Annapurna circuit bicycle tour

Annapurna circuit bicycle tour

It is amazing journey with the bicycle for the Throng-la pass 5416 m height. most of the annaurna trekking,Bicycle tour in nepal possible by bicycle but it is some difficult passing the throng-la. There are flat road annapurna trail. now new construction the road from  benshishar to Chame makethe  easy for the bicycle travellers.From  Dhukuri pokhari to Manang there are flat road both bicycle or motorbike. From the Muktinath to Beni road you can enjoy the whole  bicycle tour. within two days you can access the Beni. From the Beni to pokhara it take full days for the bicycle tour.

it is your record and memory for your adventurous bicycle tour in Annpurna central himalaya which rewarding your journey to bicycle in nepal.

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