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Benshishar mangang bicycle tour

Benshishar mangang cycle tour: 5-6 days

Manang biggest village in the whole district of the manang and people are managies. It is the main section of the Annapurna circuit trekking. After your bicycle you can visit the Tilcho lake-highest lake in the world. People of the manang are from the Tibet around 500 years before and they are categories as the Bhotiya people in Nepal. Milrapa cave, Ice lake, Annapurna III, Annapurna Iv, Tilicho Peak, monasteries, tibetan culture, Diffrent landscape are the major significant  in the Manang. It takes around two days by bicycle to the manang. then it is your option, Throng pass with the bicycle or all the way back to the Benshishar. Depend upon your time and intrest, as well as physical fitness, your driving bicycle to the Muktinath or further from there. really you feel the little tibet in manang and experienced the cultural scenerio of the Manang village and Annpurna trekking background.


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