Makalu base camp tea house trekking, Makalu base camp trekking info, Makalu trekking permit, Makalu trekking guide

Makalu base camp trekking

Makalu base camp tea house trekking Nepal


Makalu tea house trekking package, Makalu trekking itinerary, Makalu trekking permit, Makalu trekking Nepal, info about makalu all organized by the Makalu trekking management agency kathmandu Nepal. The area daily flights to Tumlingtar from kathmandu and Biratnagar. Tumlingtar could also be reached from Biratnagar /Dharan. It is a  6/7 hrs drive to Hile and 3 day trek to Tumlingtar from there. You can also reach Inkhu valley to makalu Barun from Lukla and Phaplu.

From troptical forests along the Arun River to icy mountain summits, Makalu Barun trekking and Buffer zone, covering 2330 is the only protected area on the earth with an elevation gain of 8,000 m. The Skyline is panorama of rugged himalayan peaks including Mt. Makalu (8463m) fifth highest mountain in the world and fourth highest mountain in Nepal. There are other important himalayan peak such as. mt. Chamlang(7319), Mt. Baruntse(7,219m), Mera peak(6664m). Recognized for its tremendous diversity of plants, animals and people, the area contains 25 species of rhododentron, 47 types of orchids, and 56 ranges of endangered plants. Snow leopard, Himalayan Black bear, Red panda, Musk Deer, wild Boar, Wild Yak, Himalayan Tahr and leopard are among the wildlife found here. The park houses 431 specices of Birds.

Most trails are quite rocky, and become slippery after rain or verniht freezes. Until April or may, winers snows generally stay on the passes and on high altitude trails approaching shershong. one particular hazardous area is the trail between Mumbuk and Yangle Kharlza, an area of unstable and dangerous Rock fail. Trekkers in this area should move quickly and watch for falling rocks. Mountain sickness and also be serious risk if Elevation gains are rapid without proper acclimatisation.

Malau trekking are falls in the eastern Himalayn climatic regime where monsoon starts(june) and stays longer than in west Nepal(until late september). The climate is generally described as monsoon type. where more than 70 percent of the recipitation occus between june and september. Pre monsson rain is common during the month of April and may great variations in temperature and precipitation can be expected due to extreme diffrence in altitude , slope and aspect within the area.

Makalu base camp trekking permit cost:

Makalu base camp  trekking or makalu trekking areas lies in the restrication area trekking in Nepal. Trekking permit is issued by the immigration of Nepal through the recommendation letter of the registered trekking agency in Nepal.

Permit of the makalu trekking ,For the first 4 weeks per week per person US$ 10 and After 4 weeks per week per person US$ 20, Or equivalent convertible foreign currency.

Makalu trekking Guide: we have license holder trekking guide for the makalu. our guide has experienced 5 to 10 years in makalu region trekking.



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