Throughout Nepal-but principally along the tourist trails-children will hound you. Repeatedly shouting "namaste" or "hello" at the weird-looking stranger is universal and often kids will ask you for "one rupee", "chocklate" or "pen". sometimes They'are cute, sometimes a pain. They'are not orphans or beggars, just ordinary school-kids who've seen too many well-meaning but thoughless tourists handing out little gifts wherever they go.
A laugh and firm-but-gentle honaholaa!! ("i don't think so!") is usually enough. Few children would ever ask a Nepali for money, so reacting  like one will quickly embarrass them into leaving you alone. sometimes they will tag along for hours, giving you the chinease water-torture treatment, but the best defence is a sense of humour: better theat they laugh with you than at you.




Major Activities in Nepal

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