As in most developing countries, dealing with begars is part and parcel of travelling in nepal. The pathos might intially get to you , as well it should, but you will  probably adjust to it fairly quickly. A thornier dilemma is how to cope with panhandling kids.
A smaller number of bona fide beggars an honest living from Bakshish(alms). Hindus and buddhist have a long and honourable tradition of giving to lepers, the disabled, sadhus and monks. It is terrifyingly easy for a Nepali women to find herself destitute and on the street, either windowed or divorced perhaps for falling to bear a son or from a dowry sispute. Tehre no unemployment benefits in nepal Rs 100 a year, anyone who cannot work and has no family support generally turns to begging(or prostitution). few would do so if they had an alternative.
In the hills, aliling locals will occasionally aproach foreigners for medicine: it's probably best no to make any prescriptios unless you'are qualified to diagnose the illness. Howerver, before leaving the country you can donate unused medicines to the destitute through the dispensary at kathmandu's  Bir Hospital, or to the Himalayan Buddhist mediation center in kathamndu, which gives them to monk. However, our agency Mountain Air Guided Adventures(p.)ltd. helps to all the task of yours.




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