Hustle and hassle

Hustle and hassle


Hustle and hassle
Indian style hustle is on the rise in nepal you'll get a major dose of it at the airport or any major bus station, whre touts bearing guesthouse cards lie in the wait to acost arriving tourists. They also cruise the tourist strips of kathamndu, offering drugs. for the most part , though, nepali touts aren't as parasitic as their indian brethern , and if you're entering Nepal from north india, wehre aggressive touts have to be dealt with firmly, adjust you attitude. ignore them entirely-try to look occupied with somethins else -and they're likely to ignore you. if that does'nt work, most touts will leave you alone isf asked nicely , wheres they 'll take a rude brush-off personally.
The tourist zones are full of other lone enterpreneurs and middlemen-touts by any other name. Ticet agents , rikshaw-walahs, innkeeprs, and guides are ever-anxious to broker services and information . Naturally they take a cut , but as with touts, they usually, get their commission from the seller, your price is bumped up correspondingly. if you don't know wehre to spend the night or change money, a tout's srvices are certainly worth a few rupees, but in general , cutting our the middleman give you more control over the transaction. you should find, without being too mercenary aobut it, that a few rupees(and smiles)give to people whose services you may require again will smooth thee way and make your stay much more pleasant.




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