Temples and homes

Temples and homes


Temples and homes
Major Hindu temples or their innermost sanctums are usually off-limits to nonbelivevers, who are a possible cause of ritual pollution. It may feel like unfair discrimination , but respect the rule, it's small part of a highly complex set of beliefs.
where you allowed in , be respectful , take your shoes off before entering(it's worth wearing slip-ons if you're doing a lot of temple-visting),don't take photos unless you've permission, and leave a few rupees in the donation box. try not to touch offering or shrines. Leather is usually not allowed in temple precincts.
similar sensitivity is due at Buddhis temples and monasteries. if you're granted an audience with a lama, it's traditional to present him with a katta(a cremonial white scarf, usually sold nearby). walk around buddhist stupas and monuments clockwise -that is keep the monument on your right . if invited for a meal in a private home, you can bring fruit or sweet(your hosts may not drink alcohol), but don't expect thanks as gifts tend to be received without any fuss. take your shoes off when entering, or follow the example of your host. when the food is served , you may be expected to eat first, so, you wont be able to follow your host's lead. take less thean you can eat-asking for seconds is the best compliment you can give. The meal is typically srved at the end of a gathering ; when the eating is done, everyone leaves sherpas and some other highland groups regard the family haerth as sacred, so don't throw rubbish or scraps into it.




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