Probably the greatest number of Nepali taboos0to an outsider's way of thinking-have to do with food. One underlying principle is that once you've touched something to your lips, it's polluted(jutho) for everyone else. if you take a sip from someone else's water bottle, try not to let it touch your lips(and the same applies if  it's your own -you're expected to share). don't eat off someone else's plate or offer anyone food you've taken a bite of, and don't touch cooked food untill you've bought it.
Another all-important point of etiquette is, if eating with your hands -use the right one only. In most Asian countries, the left hand is reserved for washing after defecating; you can use it to hold a glass or utensil while you eat, but don't wipe your mouth, or pass food with it. it's considered good manners to give and receive everything with the right hand. In order to convey respect, offer money , food  or gifts with both hands, or with the right hand while the left touches the wrist.




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