Ram-sita Biwaha Panchami

As many as 100,000 pilgrims converge on Japakpur for this five-day gathering, begining on the new moon of mangsir.The highlights is the re-enctment of the wedding of Ram and sita, the divine, star -crossed lovers of the Ramayana, of the of great hindu epics. Jakpur's stature as a holy city rests on its having been the location of the original wedding.


Mani Rimdu :

Held at Tenbouche and chiwong monasteries in the Everest region around the full moon of the ninth Tibetan month (usually oct/nov) this colourful sherpa masked dance dramatizes Buddhism's victory over the ancient born religion in the eighth -century Tibet. A similar events is held in may or june at Thami.




Major Activities in Nepal

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