Tihar(Diwali near india), lasting for five days, starting two days before the new moon , the "festival of lights" is associated with Yamaraj, the god of death, and lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and good fortune. On the first day, Nepalis set out food on the leaf plates for crows, regarded as Yamraj's messengers, on the second , they honour dogs as Yamraj'sgatekeepers, giving them tika, flower garlands cows both as the symbol of Lakshmi and as the soul's guide to Yamraj's unerworld. the festival's most picturesque event, Lakshmi puja, comes on the evening of the third day, when families, throughout Nepal ring thei homes with oil lamps, candles or electric lights to guide Lakshmi to their homes so she cn bless hem with prosperity for the year. Trusting in her, many nepalis gamble on street corners, and student groups make the rounds singing "diusire", a form of musical fundraising. Firecrackers have also become a big part of the fun for kids. To newars , the fourth day is known as Mha puja("self worship"), and occasion for private rituals, ad also their New Years day marked by banners, well -wishing and motorcycle pardes in the Kathmandu valley's three main cities. on the fifth day, Bhaai Tika, sister recall the myth of jamuna, who tricked Yamraj into postponing her brother's death indefinitely, by blessing their younger brothers and giving them flower garlands, tika and sweetmeats.



conciding with the third day of Tihaar, the festival honours surya, the sun God, and is one of the most important for the Maithili-speaking people of the eastern terai. Chhath is celebrated most ardently in janakpur, where women gaterh by ponds and rivers to greet the sun's first rays with prayers, offering and ritual baths.



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