Janai Purnima: The annual changing of he sacred thread(janai)worn by high-caste Hindu men takes place at holy bathing sites throughout the country on the full-moon day of saaun. Men and women of any caste may also receive a yellow -and -orange "Protective band"(Raksha Bandhan)around one wrist, which is then worn until tihaar, when it is supposed to be tied onto the tail of a cow. Mass observances are held at Gosaikund, a holy lake high in the mountains north of kathmandu, pashupatinath, outside kathmandu, and most prominently at patans Kumbeshwar Temple, where priess sit cross legged tying strings and bestowing tikas, and Jhankri(hill shamanas)perform sacred dances.

Gaai Jaatra:Newari tradition has it that Yamaraj, the god of death, opens the gaes of judgement on the day of the fulll moon, allowing deparaed souls to enter. falling on he day afer he full moon, Gaai Jaatra honours cows, who are supposed to lead deparated souls to Yamaraj abode. processions in kathmandu, bhaktapur and other Newari towns are both solemn and whimsical:an occasion for families to honour loved ones who have died in the past year, but also for young boyus to dress up in fanciful cow costumes or masquerade as sadus. In Bhaktapur, where the fesival is known as Gunhi punhi ans stars a day earlier, men parade around town in humorous costumes. satirial street permormances are less common nowadyas than they once were , but newspapers and magazines publish causic gaai Jaatra specials.

Nag panchami: on the fifh day afer he new moon, kahmandu valley residents quietly propitiate the nag(snake spirts), who are tradiionally held to control monsoon rains and earthquakes by pasting pictures of nag over their doorways with cow dung and offering milk, rice and oher favourite nag foods to he images. wells are cleaned only on this day, when the nag are belived to be away worshipping their ancestral deities.



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