Baisaakh(April-may): festival

Baisaakh(April-may): festival


Nawa Barsa:Nepali new year, which always falls on the first day of Baisaakh(April 13 or 14),is observed with localized parades. culminating on Nawa barsa, Bhaktapur five-day celebration, known as Bisket or Biska, is the most colourful combining religious processions wih a rowdy tug of -war, the nearby settlements of thimi and Bode host similarly wild scenes.

Raato Machhendranath Jaatra:Nepals most spectacular fesival:thousands gather to watch as the image of Machhhendranath, the kathmandu valley rain-brining deity, is pulled around the sreets of patan in swaying, sisty-foot-high chariot. It moves only on astrologically asupicious days, taking four weeks  or more to complete its journey.

Buddha Jayanti:The anniversary of he Buddhas birth, enlightement and death is celebrated on the full-moon day of Baisaakh at all Buddhist temples, but most visibly at swayambhu, where the freshly repainted stupa is decorated with thousands of lights the night before, on the day, ritual dances are preformed here by priests dresssed as the five aspects of Buddhahood. processions are also helld at the Boudha stupa and in patan. observances at the buddha birthplace, lumbini, are rather sparse.



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