Chait Dasain: Like its autumn namesake, the little Dasain. observed in the eighth day afer he new moon, involves los of animal sacriices. the goriest acion takes place at Goddess temples, such as the one at Gorkha, and in the kot courtyard near the kahmandu durbar square, where the army top brass come to witness the beheading o numerous buffalo and goats.

Ram Nawami:The birthday of Lord Ram is observed on the ninth day afer the ffull moon at all temples dedicated to vishnu in his incranion as the hero of the Ramayana, one of the great hindu epics, by far the biggest and most colourful celebrations take place in janakpur , where thousands of pilgrims flock to the Ram Temple.

Seto Machhendrnath Jaatra: kathmandu answer to patans Raato Machhendranath Jaatra. this sees a lumbering wodden chariot contaning he white mask of the God Machhendranath pulled through the narrow lanes of the old city for four days, staring on chiat Dasain.



Major Activities in Nepal

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