Phaagun(feb-arch), Festival

Phaagun(feb-arch), Festival


Losar:Tibetan New year falls on the new moon of either magh or phaagun, and is preceded by threee days of drinking, dancing and feasing. The day itself is celebrated most avidly at Boudha, where morning rituals culminate with horn blasts and the hurling or tsampa. Losar is a time for families o ge together, and is the highlight of the calendar in Buddhist highland areas, as well as in Tibetan setlements near the kathmandu and pokhara.

Shivaraatir:Falling on the new moon of phaagun, "shivas night" is marked by bonfires and evening vigils in all hindu areas, bu most specacularly at pashupatinath, where tents of thousands of pilgrims and sadhus from all over the subcontinent gather for nepals best -known Mela(religious fair). fervent worship and bizarre yogic demonstrations can be seen throughout and day throughout the pashupatinath complex. children collect firewood money by holding pieces of string across the road to block passerby-foreigners are considerred easy prey. Nepalis say he festival is usually followed by a final few days of winter weather, which is shivas way of encouraging the india sadhus to go home.

Holi: Nepals version of he springtime water festival, common to many Asian countries, is an impish afair lasting about a week, and commemoraes a myth in  which the God krishna, when still a bouy, outsmarted the demoness Holika. During this period, anyone-bus passengers included-is a fair arget for water ballons and coloured powder . It culminaes in a general free -for-all on phaagun purnima, the full-moon day of phaagun.



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