Magh or Makar sankranti: Marking a rare solar (rather than lunar)even in the nepali calender-the day the sun is farhest from the earth-the first day of magh(jan 14 or 15) is an occasion for ritual bathing at all sacred river confluences, especially at Devghat and sankhu. The day also begins a month long period during which families do daily readings off the swasthani, a uniquely Nepali compilation of Hindu myths, and many women emulate parvatis fast for shiva, one of he swasthani stories.

Basanta Panchami:This one -day spring festival is celebraed on the fith day afer the new moon in most hindu hill areas. the day is also known as saraswati puja, afer the goddesss of learning, and shri panchami, afer the buddhist saint Manjushri. school playgrounds are decoraed with streamers and children have their books and pens blessed, high caste boys may undergo a special rite of passage.




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