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Upper mustang Trek

From Kagbeni to upper mustang or Lomanthang it take 5 days to go up and 4 days to come back to Kagbeni , so it is enough 10 days permit for the upper mustang trekking basically.Permit fee is decrease accoridng to the recent. Now mustang permit fee$400 usd for 10 days

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Upper mustang village Lhomanthan, upper mustang trekking

Duration of the mustang trek- 17 days or more

Mustang trekking days- 9 or 12(depend)

Trekking style-   Tea house or camping(Choice)

Best season-      Mid Feb. to November

Trekking Grade- Moderate

Max. altitude-    4090 m

Group size-       min. 2 people

Trek cost-$1400 usd per person.

Upper mustang trail picture, photo of upper mustang, upper mustang trekking Nepal

Upper mustang trekking is one of the spectacular and fascinating trekking from the cultural, religious, and geographical views. It is well protected for the culture and religion and ruled by the local king of its capital Lomanthang. Lomannthang is the completely forbidden kingdom and visitors had not allowed untill 1992. Pristine tibetan culture, People, Ancient tibetan village, Rare Buddhist art and culture and High Himalayas deserts are the major significant uniqueness of the mustang trekking.

Upper mustang trekking lies in the Trans-Himalayan part of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri himalayan ranges. Due to less touchable that region it remains the mysterious and its merits and virginity makes more charming and Amazing. Barren landscape of eroded sandstone massif scatter haphazardly . Every afternoon whispering wind flying the dust of sandstone and mud. Because of the land shadow area upper mustangUpper mustang trek, mustang trekking, upper mustang trekking trekking area are  the less rain falling area of Nepal.

The people of the mustang area is the completely tibetan origin, migrated from the tibet many century ago, they are in the communities of the loba and Bhotias. upper mustang area is well protected tibetan culture only one in nepal. They practice the sakyapa buddhist practice. The house and monasteries of this area are absolutely traditional and medieval which is made of sun-ripe mud and stone. Occupation of the local people are pasture, agriculture and Tourism. Mostly there are Buckwheat, barely, potatoes are usual production .

March, April,May, june, july, August, september, october and early november are the best season of the mustang trekking. it is occupy major village kagbeni, Chaile, Geling, Charang, Lo-mangthang, Gami. Mustang trekking is fit for the age up to 7o. there is no need previous trekking experience, just need a fit physical body. In the upper mustang trekking per day require to walk 5-6 hours.


Mustang trekking Even easy it is expensive per permit  than other restrication areas of Nepal. Now a days facility of the tea houses in the upper mustang so that fooding and lodging have no compulsion big organizing group. just it is necessary minimum two people in a group and liec. holder trekking guide.

Upper mustang trekking lies in the rain shadow areas of Nepal and middle  between Dhaulagiri and annapurna as well as the southern part of the tibetan plateatue. Mainly annual festival  called Tiji are very  famous which is help in the spring or  winter season. many visitor all  over the world visit to observe the festival Tiji by loba community. In the monsoon season of Nepal or summer time it is categorized the summer trekking in Nepal.Every year at the end of hte May there are annual cultural festival Tiji which is very important and glimpase of the mustang cultural heritage.

Upper musang trekking areas landscape

Significant of the upper mustang trekking Nepal:


  • Ancient and hidden Tibetan kingdom of Nepal
  • Classical caravan salt trading route
  • Traditional local village king
  • world heritage village in Nepal
  • Annual Tiji festival
  • world oldest monastery
  • Mini Tibet at the territory of Nepal.
  • Till 1992 lomanthang was open for the outside world.


Itineraries of the  upper mustang Trek:

Itinerary of the upper mustang generally same. However it can be change the staying places. for example , some agency itinerary you can found Chele to synbouche, little further from chele there is another option Ghelling. You can trek from Synbouche to Charayang or Ghelling to chayarang another day. some trekkers do this trek synbouche to charayan some are only synbouche to Dhakmar only.

In the cases of the return to the Kagbeni some trekkers following via Dhi gaon, Tangbe and Tetang then muktinath. this makes the circuit of the upper mustang. While some trekkers back from same monastery then stay down to Ghami from Lomangthang.

  1. Arrive in Kathmandu, then Transer to hotel
  2. sightseeing in Kathmandu valley pashupatinath temple, patan durbar square, swambunath stupa, boudhnath etc.
  3. Drive or fly kathmandu to pokhara
  4. Pokhara to jomsom by flight, then trek to Kagbeni, entering point of the upper mustang
  5. Trek kagbeni to Chalie 3050m about 5-6 hours
  6. Chalie to Geling 3500 m, takes time 6 hours
  7. Geling to Charang 3620m. walking 6 hours
  8. Charang to Lo-manthang3840m walking 4 hours
  9. Rest day and explore the lomangthang.
  10. Trek down to lomangthang to Ghami,5:30 hrs
  11. Ghami-Samar.6 hours
  12. samar to kagbeni, 6 hours
  13. Kagbeni to jomsom, 3 hours
  14. jomsom to fly back pokhara.
  15. . pokhara to drive to kathmandu. farewell dinner of the trekTiji festival in upper mustang trek
  16. departure of your home

Permit of the mustang trek
  • First 10 days $500 usd, then $50 per day.
  • Annapurna conservation area permit-NPR 2000 eqivalent us $
  • Passport copy
  • 2 passport size photo
  • Trekking permit will be extend before expiry your visa date of Nepal
Price of This Trip
What Factor make the diffrent prices of the same Trip ?
Types of the Hotel and room varities
Choosing the mode of the Transportation
Depend upon the number of the field staff
Individual or Group Travelling
Demanding more  extra Service
Price of this Trip-Ask for the eco-friendly prices.
What Factor make the diffrent prices of the same Trip ?
Types of the Hotel and room varities
Choosing the mode of the Transportation
Depend upon the number of the field staff
Individual or Group Travelling
Demanding more  extra Service
contact us here we give update information about the mustang trek :  Click this link  for the mustang.
Process of the upper mustang trekking permit:
1. For the process of the upper mustang trekking only authorised by the government trekking agency who have foregin exchnage certificate in the Nepal Rastrya bank and update document of  the tax, vat or tac clear certificate.
2. Food list for the trekkers and insurence of the field staff.
3. Copy of your passport and PP size photo
4. Advance for the upper mustang trekking by bank transfer, western union
5. 1 or 2 working days after you arrival in Nepal with your orginal passport for final issue the permit.
6. Annapurna conservation area entry fee
Upper mustang trekking Nepal, Nepal upper mustang

Faq about the mustang trekking
1. How fit iam for upper mustang trekking?
-Mustang treking is no difficult by the trail, if you have normal fitness, it is ok any age bar. however we recommendation jogging, running before start the trekking.
2. Can i modified  my mustang trekking itinerary?
-of course you can modified the mustang trekking itinerary, we tailored the trip.
3. What is the cost of the mustang trekking permit?
-Upper mustang trekking cost $500 usd for 10 days.
4. Can  do the tea house in the upper mustang?
-It is possbile tea house trekking, people opened the lodges, it will be cheaper and light.

Mustang trekking preparation:

1. Send you copy of the Passport with Nepalese visa stamp.

2. Three copy of the scanning photo in the email.

3. transfer  upper mustang permit fee plus advance $200 usd advance for Annapurnaa conservation fee, transporation, flight booking for  pokhara to jomsom

4. How is the Guide of the upper mustang trekking:

we have experience local guide of the upper mustang trekking.

For more details and prices about the upper mustang trekking you can click our blog of the mustang trekking.

Tiji festival held every year in the spring specially in the month of May. which date in the may is  celebration announced by the upper mustang Tiji festival community.

Mustang Tiji festival announced 2015 for may 15, 16 and 17. so, we recommendation the itinerary of the tiji festival 2015 for your easiness and planning. it is easy and comfort if you come in kathmandu on may 8, 2015. Then 9, 2015 prepration for the trekking, making a permission , introuduce with guide and we manage you sightseeing in kathmandu. On the may 10, 2015 , we arrange bus to plane to pokhara. It takes 7 hours by bus while by plane take 25 minutes to get in pokhara.Starting of  the upper mustang trekking from Jomsom. you will reach the lomang thang festival time on 15 may 2015. second and third day you can countinuty for the Tiji festival.


Upper mustang trekking tea houses, upper mustang trekking village

6 days itinerary of the upper mustang trekking:

we design this itinerary for those , who have no pleanty of time visit upper mustang but like to go tibetan kingdom of Nepal Lomangthang upper mustang. from Kathamndu to upper mustang we managed and tailor the 6 days trekking for upper mustang. In this  itinerary  transporation have Jeep and Plane. Kathmandu to pokhara by bus then pokhara to jomsom by plane after that jomsom to upper mustang by Jeep.

1. Kathmandu to pokhara by bus

2. Pokhara to jomsom fly then drive to upper mustang

3. Rest and visit the village of the Lomangthang

4. Explore upper mustang

5. Lomangthang to jomsom by jeep

6. Jomsom to Pokhara by flight.

In this itinerary you have total days of the restrication of the mustang just 4 days. Even less than 10 days trip to upper mustang, it is complusion or issue  at least 10 days permit

Contact address and email for the upper mustang trekking:

Mountain Air Guided Adventures(p)Ltd.

Thamel,Kathamndu Nepal


Extension of the Upper mustang trekking:

Upper mustang trekking to Damodar kunda: It takes days four  to go Damodar kunda from the Lomangthang. It will be 8 days more all upper mustang trekking. then down to the Jomsom within 6-7 days.

Upper mustang treking to Narphu valley via Saribung pass:

This is adventures trekking because of the saribung pass.

manaslu trekking Nepal connect to Annapurna region and upper mustang. One can go Annapurna region with the permit of the manaslu region Nepal.


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