nepal trekking

nepal trekking

Nepal Trekking:

Trekking in nepal have a different experience than other activities. For the Nepali people it is usual activities way of their day life in the hilly country. Up and down is the lifestyle of the nepali people. Trekking in nepal you can meet many Nepalese people and their own culture , Daily hilly life, The Great Himalayan Ranges, Lotus mountain with subtropical ,Tropical , alpine , sub-alpine forest. You can face the different types of the climate ranges according to the variable altitude in nepal.

There are Eastern part trekking, middle part of middle hill trek, Himalayan valley and glacier walking as well as Himalayan desert experience. from this you can find the Varieties of the places and splendid diversity in nepal. It is the country more than 85% are sloppy  , Terrace , hills where you can see the different flora and fauna, water falls, forest, alpine meadows, panoramic view point of the  Himalaya.

Still there are unexplored mystery in nepal. as you heard it is the great mystery of the snow man Yeti, but have no any kind of the prove about that. most of the area remaining still forbidden , some himalayas inner valleys, Trans-himalayan  part still inaccessible and out of contact from the outside world. In the western part of the nepal, specially karnali region there are forest living people called Raute. They have wandering life in forest, they eat bark of the trees, fruit of the forest, it is more interesting subject matter of the modern world.

Nepal trekking provide the breathtaking views of the panoramic  transparent sliver shinning mountain. Two third of the Himalayan ranges expand from east to west nepal in the 1000km of the distance. you can see the world highest mountain mt.. everest from a trekking Everest region which is traveller top ten destination in the world. world deepest gorge kaligandaki  which is between Dhaulagiri and Annapurna mountain. Similarly there are many Naturally hot spring in nepal. It is the birth place of the lord Buddha epistle of the peace and light of Asia. It is the place where medieval temple, shrine, sculpture and architecture. most significant things are Religious homogeneity specially between Hindus and Buddhist. There are still lovely caste system practice in the rural village in nepal which makes the wonderful in the modernity world. There are virgin trekking route or beaten path of the trekking. According to the religious views Himalayan ranges are the Father in-law houses of the Lord shiva, mt. Kalish is the shiva mediation places, that kind of the concept very highlighted people over the world. Among the 14 peaks above the 8000 mt . height 8 are lies in nepal. similarly different national park, beautiful lakes, paradise of the birds, rare animal red panda, rare birds spiny blabber, Royal bengal Tiger which is 150 in nepal among the 3200 in the world. More than 6000 Rivers in nepal, it make the second rich country  in the water resources. white river rafting, trekking  in the river valleys gives the excellent experience  of the nepalese life.

In nepal there are trekking two ways: Tea house trekking, camping trekking.

Camping Trekking:-

camping trekking is the fully organized trekking in  nepal. There are highly estimated porter, food, cook, guide and places of the Trekking. You can sleep in the tent, and get a good food from our chef who have a decade of experience in cooking in the trekking. Upper mustang, upper dolpo, kanchangunga are the category of the camping trekking.

Upper Dolpo Trekking

Lower Dolpo Trekking

Manaslu Trekking

Ganesh Himal Trekking

Kanchanjunga Trekking

Dhaulagiri Trekking

Upper mustang Trekking

Tea houses trekking:-

There are network of the lodges in the tea house trekking area. Our professional guide escort you there and explaining the history, legend of the people. This mysterious  things you cannot find in the Guide book. Annapurna , everest, langtang are the category of the tea house trekking in nepal.

Annapurna Region:

Annapurna circuit Trekking, Annapurna Base camp Trekking, Poon Hill Ghorepani Trekking, Jomsom Trekking

Everest Region:

Everest Gokyo valley, Everest Base camp Trekking, Jiri-Everest base camp Trekking

Guide and porter service in nepal

As we are experience since 1996 in the field of the trekking in Himalayas, we provide you efficient guide and porter who can give you and managed you very excellent service in the mountain trekking in nepal.

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