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Tibet Travel Information

Facts for the visitors

Visa and entry procedure

There is need a group visa in tibet, no facility to give a single visa or a individual visa for the, better to contact through any agency , they will manage the group and give a visa. you have to need a photocopy of the passport before 25 days. it is need a original passport one day before. From a Nepal no facility to get the chinease visa. you can get the chinease visa in the boarder of  the tibet and china or after reaching the china. if you like to go directly to china you can get the visa from your home country Embassy.


Entry routes

Entry route of the tibet is from the  Nepal  is kathmandu. from kathmandu you can go by bus or directly flight to Lasha. you can get the tibetan  group visa from a nepal. other route to enterT ibet by blight from the chendu or bejing and from a Honkong. now a days there is facility to go Bejing from the train.


Guides and accommodation:

There are best English speaking guide in tibet. They will explain tibetan cultural and way of the life, however all the guide have no excellent and same kind of  the quality, so better to carry a Guide book if it is possible .

along the way  of the Lasha there is found the Hotel of the basic quality. in the main city Gyantse, shigatse found a good hotel and reasonable prices. there is no find standard quality of the HOtel everywhere, so  better to not expect very good hotel.



Lasha is now joined train facility to the china. condition of the road or road quality of tibet are no good as china. Almost japanese 4WD jeeps are used to carry the tourist and Truck are used to supply the tourist.


Best time to visit Tibet:

The best time to visit tibet is April to november. Trekking for the mount kalish and mansarovar is beginning from the April and November, at this time no snow and clear sky in tibet.



Many travellers suffered from the diarrhoea in tibet, the best way to prevent is stop to eat the green salad and better to put the iodine tabelets to purify the water. the way to go tibet there is no variey of the food and not so good as a city. it is better to buy some dry food in kathmandu or any places.


Clothing and equipment:

Rain jacket or raincoat


sleeping Bag

Sun cream and lip protector

Water Bottle

warm hat and gloves

Warm cotton trousers

Cotton shirts(short and long sleeved)

Thermal underwear(top and bottom)

Down jacket

At least five pair of shocks



Altitude and sickness:-

in tibet there may be suffered from the altitude sickness. main symptoms of the altitude sickness is headache, lethargy, nausea, and sleeplessness. There is need a bottle of the oxygen.Hotel in lasha have a facility oxygen bottle. also there are possible to find the doctor. In the tibet trek or mansarobar yatra there is carried a PAC(portable altitude chamber).

Before the departure  the tibet, our staff precaution and briefing about the  sickness.


Travel insurance

Helicopter is no allowed in the tibet. so you make sure that your insurance cover the charge of helicopter from the boarder of the nepal to kathmandu or no. if any case some problem happened you shall be carry by the land cruiser to the boarder of the nepal, then fly by the Helicopter

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