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Krishna Astami:krishna temples such as patans Krishna Mandir throng wih hhousands of worshippers celebrating he gods birth on he seventh day afer the full moon. vigils are also held the nigh before.

Tij:The three day womens festival, which starts on the hird day afer the new moon, sees groups of women cladd in the red(the color of rejoicing and domesic harmony)singing and dancing through the srees. letting their families fend for hemselves for once, they start with a girls , nigh ou, feasing until midnight when hey began a day -long fast. on the secondd day they queue up to worship shiva at the pashupatinath temple outside of kahmandum and break he fas and ritually bahe to revove their sins on he final day.

Indra Jaara: A wild week of chario procesions and masked dance permormances in kahmandu, held aournd he full moon of Bhadaul on the las day , which is also know as  kumari Jaara, Beer flows from he mouth of an idol in durbar square.