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Jugal Himal trekking

Jugal Himal Trek Nepal close from kathmandu valley, the capital of Nepal in compare to the other trekking and tour in Nepal. Jugal himal scenery can see from the kathmandu valley but you have to identified the mountain before point out this.

Jugal Himal trekking in Nepal

Due to the Natural and cultural diversity Jugal himal trekking become very popular both Nepalese people and westerner. According  to the  times and budget we manage the jugal himal trekking from a Kathmandu Nepal.

manaslu trekking Nepal connect to Annapurna region and upper mustang. One can go Annapurna region with the permit of the manaslu region Nepal.

See also Upper mustang trekking , the best tea house trekking in Nepal in the restrication areas of the Nepal. we manage restrication areas , permit and best package for your family, freind holidays trek in Nepal.